1st Event Observations & Questions

Due to time constraints could only do a 30 miler on the El Giro De Rigo. My first event was a blast, thanks for the push everyone!

It seemed like I was .5 to 1.0 W/Kg lower than everyone else around me even though I calibrated my Kickr just before the event… hopefully this big guy provided some draft for the real riders around me, it was cool to see how drafting impacted the overall feel and performance in the ride.

First question, does Zwift normally use the Evo for group events? If so, I may buy one and use it for training as one of my daily riders is a Synapse. Though not as quick as the Tarmac Pro, it’s pretty close.

Second question, I noticed quite a few hit the feather-weight or draft power buttons on the downhill vs. the climbs… what is the strategy behind that? Being a bigger guy, maybe I have a natural advantage in game simply due to weight… I do at times in the real world lol.

Thanks! What a great experience. Well Done Zwift! … aside from the peanut butter performance in the Jungle lol.