Fast Freddie Group Ride Feedback.

(Dan Crow) #1

Lots of fun following Freddie for a few minutes before being handily dropped.

My first thoughts/questions:

Was great being in that big old group! Thanks Zwift for pulling this off.

Q. Does drafting advantage get boosted when you’re in a group or is it the same as being directly behind a single rider?

Interview format was cool. It might have been nice if Freddie interacted with some of the riders around him during the ride. 

Lag: Did everyone else have a 20 second lag in the live stream vs. their zwift ride?  May be an east coast thing.

Speed.  May be an impossible task to keep to a preset pace, but it would’ve been nice to have been able to keep up for just a tad longer.  Then again, I’m old. Not your fault.

Thanks again. See you out there again. Would be interested in others impressions too.

(. TomH..) #2

Hi Dan, 

Thank you very much for your positive feedback, 

Q1 - Yes more riders in front of you = more ‘‘boost’’ you get. 

Q2 - Thanks for your suggestion we will do our best next time out.

Q3 - There is about 15 second delay and it’s completely normal and everyone gets this delay no matter where you are.

Q4 - We try to make most riders happy by setting 2,5w/kg but as you can imagine it’s impossible to make everyone happy, however we will lover the wattage for events like this down to 2w/kg so hopefully you will be able to keep up next time :slight_smile: What you can do in the meantime is practising drafting! RIDE ON!