First event today

I’ve been around a little while but I ride alone and say hi to people I meet. Today I did my first event (UKZwifters 100km Sportive (B)). Unless I am mistaken, group B was advertised as 2.5-3.2 w/kg but I had to ride well over 3.5 on average to stay with a group towards the back.

Now, I understand that this was a sportive and there were no leader, fence or tail from comments on the ride but if this is the case, then why even bother to advertise w/kg brackets?

In the end I did 50-something km and left the group. I could have finished it but when I do sportives in real life I do them to enjoy the ride. This felt more like a race.

Any advice welcome!


I don’t know if this is advice, or just commentary, but I think you’ll find that many of the non-race events on Zwift in which the fence is not used turn into races. Not all of them, mind you, but many. I don’t really understand why people join events with a specified wkg range and then proceed to ride well in excess of the upper limit, but it happens regularly.

That being said, you might just start trying out some different group rides until you find one that fits what you’re looking for. And sometimes, especially when the group is large, the rides will eventually evolve into a number of different groups containing people wanting to ride around the same level.

One other comment I would have is to ride toward the middle of the group. Often when you are at or near the back you are really (even if it doesn’t look like it) sort of in and out of the draft and actually have to work harder than riders farther forward in the group.


Thanks Nigel! Makes sense!

I did notice the effect of drafting! I generally ride alone so I was not familiar with its effect but riding in a small group I was easily moving to the front, had to slow down a bit, was overtaken and then had to push to catch up with them. It all then kept repeating… I guess I’ll learn :slight_smile:


If there is no ride leader or fence then people will tend to go at their own pace. Best thing is to find a group that is going at the pace you want and work with them. Riding alone will be more difficult as the draft can be significant.

If i was look for person who ride at my one pace, i’ll never ride for so long journey
When you ride, every day you have a new pace, I ride alone, and then if there are riders near me, i ride with them but i have better pace to climbing roads, and then i must choose a other group to ride with.
Find poeple is hard, when I’me able to go to achievement of PRL Full
Zwift work to make people strong i prefer enduring before be strong (better results)

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how can a rider on trainer climb Surrey Hill in 52 seconds and the second better climber 5 minutes, i have seen a rider while riding my PRL Full, he must use a motored-cycle
pseudo D.ig Doug, i suppose