Suggestions for easier group rides?

(Michelle Grocock) #1

hi - I want to do some group rides but they all seem very fast. I did one this morning that said 2 W/kg and I managed to hold pretty much that level, but I had no hope of staying with the group. They ended up lapping me. And apparently they were drinking beer at the same time. Any suggestions for ones that might be more suitable for me? I’m in Australia for Timezone. 

(Tyler Shannon) #2

Hi Michelle!


You can find all our rides at When I’m looking at our events right now (4/17017), something like the ZSUN Back to Basics ride may be right up your alley!

(Michelle Grocock) #3

Looks good but it’s not at a suitable time for Australia (I’m at work then). I can see a number of suitable ones, but they’re no good for Australia time zone. I found a good one early Monday morning but have been looking one each of the other days of the week and not finding much

(Gerrie Delport) #4

Sound to me that the Australians have to get someone to start some races and rides. that could introduce some early morning rides/races here in the USA.  

(Claude Biron) #5

Hi Michelle,

Interestingly, I have the same experience as you trying to stay in large groups and keep up. I raced for over 35 years and have not stopped training ever since.  On the road, I have no problem keeping up with a large group drafting, but on Zwift it’s near impossible.  I’m wondering if there are settings I can change to make it closer to real rides?

(Gerrie Delport) #6

There are no settings for drafting, it is always enabled. You can test it, do a lap on alone and then do the same lap in a group, you will see your time is a lot better.

(Claude Biron) #7

Can’t do a Zwift lap in a group, 'cause I don’t feel a draft and I get dropped almost right away :frowning:  In real life, I don’t have a problem keeping up; unless, it’s up a hill and my 83kg + age does me in.

(Gerrie Delport) #8

The rides/races start at a very high pace, it is hard to keep up in the beginning, but once everything settle it is more manageable. in real life racing things does not start at such a high intensity, so this is something to get used to. 


(Ashley Hudson) #9

Michelle - any chance you’re a smaller, lighter rider? A lot of the “2W/kg” rides are based around the assumption that you’re 160-180 pounds. If you’re, say, 115 lbs soaking wet then you’ll have trouble keeping up on the flats with most groups simply due to your raw power output. On the upside, you’ll destroy most of us on the hills. :slight_smile:

There’s definitely a lack of rides in the 1.8-2W/kg range, and your timezone isn’t helping much. As Tyler said, check the calendar and hope for the best.

Also, if you have trouble drafting, please check if you’re using the TT bike, as that doesn’t allow you to draft.

(Eric Schlange [ODZ]) #10

This link may be useful to you, Michelle: