Qhubeka bike and kit

I made a contribution to the Qhubeka Charity and was informed that there is an issue with my accessing the bike and kit for my Zwift rides. This was about three weeks ago. I was wondering if this issue has been resolved. If not, then when might this happen?



Unfortunately, there’s been an issue with our tool for handing out the bike and kit. We’re still working on fixing it, and we’ll send those out as soon as it’s fixed. Thanks for your patience and donation to charity!

I donated to this great charity event and received the Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka kit and Qhubeka paint for the Cervélo S5. I’m wondering, though, how did I get the Qhubeka paint for the Buffalo Bike? Was that from another event?

Are they separate purchases? It says 150 for the bike and 25 for the jersey.

My suggestion is to make the Qhubeka a race bike. Maybe close to the speed of the Cervelo (a tad slower) but with something extra, like maybe it gets an aero power up every time or just never gets points only. That way there is a little more interest in this November fundraiser coming up. More people will want to achieve a bike like this. And it is pretty of course.

As I mentioned above, in a previous year there was Qhubeka paint option for the Cérvelo S5.

Zee Kryder Crit B

What level are you at? At some point, you’ll actually earn the Cervelo5. Having the buffalo bike is cool for doing workouts or group rides.

  1. I’m not sure if you know, but you can get multiple paint options for the same frame.