Dust in the Wind route causes Zwift to crash

I have tried to complete the Dust in the Wind route on Watopia the past two Saturdays but each time it’s crashed at exactly the same place just over 25.2kms in to the route. I am running Zwift on a MS Surface Pro laptop running Windows 10. I can supply the .fit files if that helps. Please advise what could be causing this? It’s only happening on Dust in the Wind, I can ride past the point where it crashes (exiting the Jungle loop) on other routes and it doesn’t cause a crash.

Fit file wont show anything useful, but you could try putting your log file onto zwiftaliser.com and posting the results.

I did the ride on saturday so I had a look to see if my log file showed up anything interesting around that point but the whole ride was uneventful from a log file perspective.

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Thanks, is the Zwiftaliser site still live or is that the right URL? It doesn’t load on my laptop in either Brave, Chrome or Edge?

Sorry, try zwiftalizer.com - the kiwi in me doesn’t use z’s like US folks.

Log files show a lot just by reading test… triggering checkpoints, turn choices, messages. But I made the mistake of loading one of mine into Zwiftalizer and now I realize my iPad has only basic graphics :). But it holds a solid 24 to 30 fps and I don’t get booted out of events, so I’ll take it.

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