Crashing on Watopia Three Sisters route

I am running Zwift on my Windows 11 machine, and I have tried to ride the new route, Three Sisters, in Watopia, three times, and it has crashed each time at between 36 and 38 minutes into the ride. I was running a Beta version of Windows 11, and so I decided to do a clean install of Windows 11, with a WHQL driver for my Radeon 5700 XT graphics card (instead of the newer Beta driver). I was hopeful that this would keep Zwift from locking up, but alas, it did not, at about 37 minutes. I restarted Zwift and rode for over an hour on a Makuri route without incident. I really think that there is something about the Three Sisters route that is causing the problem, such as bad graphics data or something that is causing Zwift to crash. Can you please do some QA and testing on that route?

Hi Daniel,

Are you referring to Three Sisters or Three Little Sisters?

I don’t believe I’ve seen any complaints on either of those routes and I’ve done them myself without problem (Windows 10x64).

If anyone else is seeing similar issues I’ll happily flag to our development team.

Sorry, it is the Three Little Sisters, which I believe is a fairly new route.

Yep, a couple of months old. I haven’t seen any other reports of what you have seen but I’ll keep an eye out.

Thank you. When Zwift locks up on a user or exits abruptly, do you get notified, or maybe log files get populated with configuration or user information? It’s not that infrequent that I see users who get knocked out of a group ride, and then rejoin. Does this leave tracks in log files, or any way that you know this has happened?

Also, I was told by a Zwift person that a .FIT file is saved every 10 minutes while riding. However, it must be a bare-bones .FIT file, because it contains none of the route information that you’ve ridden, and only seems to save the time, distance, and climbing data. Crashes would be a little less aggravating if you did actually save a fully-loaded .FIT file every 10 minutes. One possibility would be to save a full .FIT file on the local hard drive, if possible, and be able to recover the ride at least in 10 minute increments. This could be a configuration in the Zwift Settings, that would allow you to set a directory on your local machine to save the .FIT file, and allow the user to configure how often to do it, from say 5 minutes to 15 minutes, or something like that. Just a thought.

Not in the log files we see in Documents. There is a separate crash handler/application which presumably creates a report if it happens.

Have the same problem, I am on win 10 and Watopia routes crash/freeze since 12.3.
Other worlds seem to work however

P.s. twice after 10:01min, once after 20:02min and onc after 40:10min.

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What is your setup? Do you have AMD graphics? There have been quite a few recent crashing issues for AMD users.

Yes, AMD CPU and GPU!

Ok, see


Same here! I rode for 60k with pacer nor route badge!

You didn’t complete the Three Little Sisters route. The start/finish is downtown Watopia - so if you continued down the volcano and back to the downtown ( a few extra km’s), you would have completed it.