Zwift Crashing On PC Multiple Times

Anyone having issues with the App crashing on a PC? Tried Makuri Isl 3 times last night (had to do it on my phone). Same again tonight, though a Watopia ride worked for 9.4 miles then crashed!!
May try Rouvy?

Please post detailed information about your PC specs. Crashes on Windows are most often related to the specifics of your hardware and OS or 3rd party software configuration.

If you see virtual screenshots in settings, turn it off. It may not be there if you have an older CPU.

Make sure OneDrive is disabled, as well as any other cloud sync software that does anything with the Documents directory. Zwift uses it for application data.

Turn off any anti-virus software other than Defender.

Happened to me this morning. 3 times on Makuri islands until I gave up and it crashed in a couple of minutes each time, even with a laptop reboot in between. Only change from 5 rides last weekend is applying the latest zwift update

Windows 11 23H2 22631.3155

As per Paul’s comments above…

None of those on this laptop, so not applicable. Screenshots was set to off.
AMD Ryzen 5 4500U with Radeon Graphics and 8GB ram

I’ve done a clean install zwift from scratch and will have to test it when I have the next free slot available

There have been reports of problems with that type of laptop due to low memory, though I don’t recall crashing being one of them. Because AMD integrated graphics share system memory, having 8GB installed leaves you with less than the minimum recommended.

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This hasn’t happened in the ;last 2 1/2 years of use though. Sure an occasional crash every six months or so but not 3 times within 5 minutes of starting.

Anyhow reinstall seems to have fixed it

Hi @Phil_Hadfield.

As @Paul_Southworth mentioned, some of the common causes can be outdated graphics drivers, OneDrive not being disabled, not enough hard space, and low memory.

We have some common causes and steps you can take in our Issues With Zwift Crashing guide.

Hi @iain_E, I’m glad a reinstallation worked. If you experience a crash again, please reach out to our Support Team and we’ll take a closer look at your logs.