Crashes every time in Makuri but only in Makuri

Been using Zwift on one-year-old Dell Inspiron 16 5625 laptop for the past year, works perfectly on every ride except anything in Makuri. Then the game implodes: renders poorly - white scenery blobs, grass instead of tarmac, missing bridges etc - and ultimately crashes irretrievably at any point from one minute to 20 minutes in. I’ve rebooted laptop (AMD Ryzen 5 processor, 8GB installed RAM, 64-bit op system, Windows 11 Home); deleted and re-installed Zwift several times most recently today (27/10/23) including new routes update. For Makuri rides/races in the past I use my iPhone 13 mirrored (Lonelyscreen) to my laptop, which worked fine. Everything else in Watopia works perfectly. Why doesn’t Makuri?

You can try some of the suggestions in this guide:

…however, some other people have reported Makuri issues lately - it’s one of the more demanding worlds vis-a-vis CPU loads.

Thanks. It’s a curious bug. I’ll keep trying…

If the video screenshot feature appears in the settings menu, try turning it off.


Thanks for that. It seems to have made a difference. Still rendering poorly - white blobs, grass instead of tarmac, invisible bridges etc - but it hasn’t crashed. Progress!