Duplicate or tripled Zwift uploads to Strava

Hi, what I noticed is when Zwift uploads the activity it shows like on the photo (doubled), Strava also doubles it. There is only one ride in the feed but twice as much kilometres were counted. For example today I had 10511km riden and after 45km ride there is 10601… so it counted 90km… it’s like 4th time it happened to me, few times the activity was tripled… It’s pretty annoying, any sugestions?

anyone? any hints? should I post activities manually…? :confused:

Are you using a cycling computer when you ride on Zwift? Zwift will directly upload to the site and your cycling computer may do the same. This can account for duplicate uploads.

I ride on Apple TV and I dont use my edge 530 nor fenix during Zwifting… only one app is recording at the time…

Are you uploading to other apps as well. Like Garmin connect. I’m thinking some other app is sending it back to strava.

Yes! Strava and Garmin Connect are both connected to Zwift. Do You suggest to disconnect Garmin for example? I have never had this issue before… and these two partners are connected for like few years now.

I also use both GC and Zwift with no double uploads. Did you change settings in GC that GC send data back to Strava

Haven’t been changing anything in GC, the only thing I might have done was the room in the house and my internet provider, but many rides were uploaded normally since the … For now, two meet ups were doubled and one longer solo ride tripled.