Strava Zwift vs Garmin separate Activities

I am looking to figure out how to show two different activities in Strava for the workouts. I understand there will be a discrepancy in the Zwift vs Garmin data, ie: mileage, etc. When I upload to Strava from the game, I only see a single activity, which is the Zwift data. I also recorded the workout on my Garmin. I downloaded the tcx file from Garmin, uploaded it to Strava, but it shows it as a duplicate. The Garmin data shows 12.1 miles, while Zwift was 12.5. 

In short, how do I enable two separate activities?

Firstly that’s a Strava issue, so best addressed to them. Secondly, why would you want to, Zwift is the data you need, so upload that. *Or* upload the Garmin data if you really feel the need to, but Strava is correctly marking them as duplicates, because they are and will throw your stats off having the same ride saved twice.

With the Garmin, it is basing if off of my the speed in which the wheel is rotating, thus a more accurate distance reflection and it’s my own personal reflection I want to see.

With Zwift, I could conceivable stop pedaling at the top of a hill in game; thus finishing my workout, but the character rolls down a hill for an extra 1/2 mile and adds distance that is completely irrelevant to the actual workout.

I would simply like to see both. I’m a data nut so-to-speak. My fiancé’s account automatically separated them.

Solution… Don’t sync to Garmin immediately. I turned off the bluetooth on my phone for roughly an hour before letting my watch sync. The end result gave me two different entries on Strava as I wanted. One labeled as “ride” and the other as “virtual ride”.  Cheers ~Jeremy