Double miles on Strava

I have an issue where my Zwift ride is doubling up on my srava but only on the overall year to date figures.
So last night I did a 20.1 mile Zwift, it automatically uploads to strava, I got two separate notifications telling me my ride had uploaded.
In the this week section on Strava it shows I have done 20.1 miles on Tuesday all correct, but in statistics my mileage for the year has increased by 40.2
any ideas TIA

Do you record with a cycling computer as well so that the second data point come from that. Did you link Zwift to another app (ie garmin…) and that app is then linked to strava?

no only use garmin on an actual ride, zwifts don’t record on my garmin connect either, been using zwift with the same equipment for three years but this issue has only been on the last few rides?

O no,

Did you try to un link Strava and re do the linking.