Dumb Hometrainer - Will Zwift work?

Hi everyone,

I have a very basic hometrainer with no way to connect it to my iPhone or PC. I was wondering if I could use Zwift somehow anyway.
I have an old spare iPhone, maybe that could be used as a sensor somehow?
Is the iOS companion app useful as sensor?

I’m 32 years old and would need to get a new knee, but I’m too young so I have to use the hometrainer to strengthen my knee.

Assuming the trainer is a “dumb” one and doesn’t transmit any data, then all you need is a speed sensor to attach to your rear wheel and you can use it with Zwift, yes.

Does the trainer have a way to manually alter the resistance?

Hi Steve,

It’s indeed a very dumb on. it doesn’t have a rear wheel, it’s this kind of model:

I can alter the resistance manually yeah.

Ah. Sorry, but that’s not going to work with Zwift. I thought you meant a very basic wheel-on trainer, apologies.

Do you have a an outdoor bike at all? If you have a bike then you could pick up a very basic wheel-on trainer at a very low price secondhand, plus a speed sensor.

Unfortunately, I don’t have an outdoor bike. So I guess Zwift won’t work for me.
Thanks for the answers

You could connect if you used power meter pedals…Not really cost effective for that trainer but it would work (assuming the pedal connection threads are standard). For that cost you could get a decent fluid trainer used, a bike, and a speed sensor.