Love Concept of Zwift but on a Budget

Hey guys,

Cold here this winter and really looking to utilize Zwift as my indoor training solution. I absolutely brand new to all of this and have done as much reading as I can bare. I know its not possible to get near perfect reading without a Smart Trainer, but I am on a budget.

Here is my setup;
Classic trainer (not smart in the slightest)
Wahoo Speed & Cadence Sensors
Samsung Galaxy Note8
High End Windows Laptop
(possibly an Ipad)

Just looking for some guidance, with the above setup, before I jump onto a paid Zwift Plan. Or if I should just wait until I get a Smart Trainer someday then join Zwift…

Thanks for the help, I’m sure this is a topic that gets old responding too.

Hey there!

First, I’d recommend making sure your trainer is supported for the best results. We do have a “not listed” trainer option as well, but you’ll be limited to a lower wattage as the power curve isn’t accurate. A high end Windows laptop or iPad should be fine, but you can double check our device requirements here. Other than that, it sounds like you’ve got a pretty solid setup! You can pair your sensors to your PC using the Zwift Companion app on your Samsung Galaxy Note8 or an ANT+ dongle. If you use an iPad you can pair directly through Bluetooth. Our Knowledge Base has a ton of information on getting started that you may find helpful as well. Hopefully we’ll see you out there soon! :slight_smile:

Ride On!