Can I make zwift work?


I have this Hometrainer: Fitbike Ride 5

Its not a smart hometrainer but I read about things that might make it work like power meters/cadence sensor.
But on my hometrainer my wheels are not accessible, is there something I can buy that is compatible with my hometrainer to be able to get zwift to work?

Hi @Nick_VM

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I did a quick search for the trainer and couldn’t find mention of ant+ or Bluetooth that will be needed to connect to Zwift.

Generally the best way to get a wheel off trainer that isn’t also a smart trainer onto Zwift is through the use of a Power Meter. Most people find pedal based power meters to be the easiest to use since you just remove your current pedals and install the power pedals then they should pair up to Zwift and you’ll be all set. If you’re not too keen on having to wear clip in shoes then crank or sprocket based power meters may be more suitable but they do require a bit more work to install.


Assuming the pedal threads are standard, find the cheapest pedal power meter you can find. 2 minutes search: Favero Assioma UNO Power Meter, Black | Bikeinn

Used might be less but make sure you have return ability or ability to test if local.

Ensure it comes with the cleats and you will need cycling shoes.