Do you need a specific type of trainer for Zwift?

I don’t have much money, and I’ve found a couple trainers on eBay for $20-$30 brand new. I would post a link but not sure if I’m allowed to.

It looks the same as all the others, just a bit more basic. Would something like this work for zwift?
Thank you.

Post up the full details of here and people can give you feedback on it. It’s probably a dumb trainer that will need a speed sensor to work with Zwift. But give us the details.

dumb trainers use a speed sensor to give virtual power to zwift ( which works on your w/kg to generate virtual speed )
check trainer is supported ( ie zwift knows power for out for given wheel speed)
you change gear to get more wheel speed which produces more drag in the unit.

a controlled trainer receives information from zwift via your computer or device, and changed the resistance automatically for terrain slope and workouts ( ERG mode)