Trainer advice


im lookin for advice on buying a trainer to use with zwift.  

i did initially by a trainer with a roller for my bike and all the ant dongle stuff but i could never get it to work properly as in zwift would detect the equipment but the on screen avatar would never move.

im now lookin at buying this

is it easy to set up, does it work well with zwift?  all the hassle ive had gettin my current equipment to work i wouldnt want to outlay such a sum of cash on somethin thats just gonna cause more frustration.

also, will it be compatible with my bike. my bike does have a quick release lever but im a bit confused about this part.

Includes: A Shimano/SRAM splined freehub for compatibility with 8-11 speed cassettes

my gears have 3 settings at the pedals and 8 at the back. will this cause me any issues?



Hi Tony,

The CycleOps Hammer is one of the top of the line smart trainers and it works very well with Zwift. We also offer the trainer on our Zwift Shop and when you buy through our shop, it comes with 1 year of Zwift. 

The one on our site includes pre-installed 11x25 11-speed cassette (SRAM/ Shimano compatible), which should be compatible with your bike. I’m fairly certain that if you have any questions about whether your specific bike will work with the trainer, CycleOps support is also a good resource for those kinds of questions. 

So i bought the trainer from your shop then. couple of points,


my bike cassette doesnt fit. i assume i dont need to disasemble the cassette first before attaching to the trainer?

i wasnt sure how to tell what size my cassette was so after following these steps,


"Take an alligator clip or put your finger on one tooth on the largest cog. Count the number of teeth in the cog. 

Do the same thing with the smallest cog. Now you know what cassette you have. Odds are it’s an 11-23 if you didn’t ask for another one."


it looks like my cassette is somethin like 17-33, that sound about right?



you said there was a free 1 year subscription with zwift, how do i get that?