Two family members, singled trainer and two and bikes?

Hi - looking to get into Zwift and seeking feedback to see if my thought process is accurate or way off base. My challenge is to get both myself and my wife set up and using the same (direct drive) trainer.

Me - I ride a lot outside, but am mechanically challenged (can just about change a tire!). My bike has an 11-28 shimano ultegra cassette

Her - only learned to ride a bike a couple of years ago (as an adult in her 40s). It’s been a challenge and realistically she is never going to ride outside. Does not currently own a bike

I’m thinking:

  1. Buy direct drive trainer
  2. Buy 11-28 cassette for trainer (for compatibility with my bike)
  3. Find/buy a bike for wife that also has 11-28 cassette
  4. Live happily ever after

Does this all sound like it’s the correct approach/plausible?

  1. Could I entertain other setups for wife’s bike or does it have to be an 11-28?
  2. I assume switching bikes is simple enough - just like replacing a rear wheel. Is this correct, or am I missing something (e.g. calibration needed each time bike is switched)
  3. Any suggestions on narrowing down what might be an appropriate bike for her (beyond visiting one local bike shop after another)?

Thanks in advance!

Are you massively different in height? Because if not, unless your wife is planning to do major training you’ll probably get away with just changing the saddle height. In which case just buy a QR seatpost clamp.

I’m sure others will disagree and say you both need your own geometry and bike fit etc, but it’s worth a try when she’s just starting out.

The most important thing is they are both the same speed, ie, both 10 or 11 speed. I just put my wife’s bike on our trainer yesterday. It has a different cassette but the same speed and it works fine.

You will need a couple of tools to put the cassette on the trainer. You can buy them at Amazon for around $10. There are videos at youtube with instructions on how to do this. It’s easy. Swapping bikes will only take a couple of minutes after the first couple of times. It’s messy unless you wax your chain. I don’t see why you would need to calibrate the trainer every time.

I’d considered that, but 10 inches difference, so don’t think that’s an option

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If you have $3,000 laying around you could get a Wattbike or a Kickr bike :star_struck:

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Haha, fair enough.