Sharing a smart trainer - any issues?

Hi all,

Looking to upgrade to a wheel-off smart trainer from the simplicity of a Kinetic Fluid Trainer, and wanted to get opinions from those who are sharing a single smart trainer with another rider, as I will be doing with mine.
Are there certain smart trainers better for those of us who would switch bikes and riders frequently?

Both bikes we typically use will have 10 speed 11-28 cassettes, and I intend to put the same on the trainer, so not expecting issues there, and both bikes use QR skewers. The frames are very different in size, though I haven’t figured that that would be a complicating factor.

Am concerned with:

  1. Calibration - would prefer not to do this often, and not each time we switch bikes (which can be quite frequent in winter)
  2. Ease of transfer - easy mounting and dismounting, especially for her
  3. Anything else that might require additional effort, work, set up changes between bikes based on the trainer’s mechanics or technology.


  1. There is no reason to (re)calibrate a driect-drive trainer when you switch bikes. The trainer’s calibration (power accuracy) is completely independent of the bike that’s driving the flywheel around.

  2. The biggest hassle with changing between 2 bikes (assuming they both use the same hub spacing) is getting the derailleur around- and chain onto the cassette. It’s easier if the bikes have SRAM rear derailleurs with ‘Cage Lock’ - but that’s not a requirement. Either way, it’s almost a given that you & she are going to get your hands dirty before every ride. So, keep some wet wipes handy!

Basically, it’s always going to be less convenient to share a trainer than to have one you can just leave the bike on all the time - but after a few bike swaps, it’s no big deal.

  1. The difference in bike sizes is not a factor at all. You (or she) will just have to reposition the riser block for the front wheel each time (easier than having to move the trainer!)

FWIW, I have an Elite Direto that I’m very happy with. I don’t switch my bike out often (though I will sometimes use my road bike instead of cx - or vice versa) but I take my bike on and off the trainer regularly so I can ride it outside. Putting it back on the trainer is easier than installing a rear wheel because there’s no brake caliper (or rotor) to fuss with on the trainer.

Elite Direto

Where did you get it? Online or in a store?

I ordered mine online from during a trainer sale last January.

The wife and I share our trainer and it really is no major hassle. Many direct drives don’t require a riser block so that’s another issue to forget.
A top tip is to change the bikes over when they are in the inner chain ring & small cassette cog. The lower side of the chain will sag making it easier to get under the skewer. A little push of the mech cage and it should all drop in to place, clean hands.

Last top tip. Get a cube unit, something like Kallax from ikea. You can keep your shoes, towels, mitts etc organised so you don’t get them mixed up with each other.