Multi-user setups?

Hi guys, I currently have the Zwift hub (on 2+ months now), but my wife has been quite interested in getting in to indoor cycling after seing my improvements.

So we are looking for a smart trainer that will let us easily adjust the bike fit for both of us. Having two trainers is simply not possible for us with limited space.

Any recommendations? I have been looking at Tacx NEO and Wahoo shift, but the price tags on those are just insane; we could buy a high-end bike and trainer for the price, but is that just how it is?

The most important aspect is that they are easy to adjust.

The cheaper smart bikes are not worth buying. Wattbike Atom and StagesBike SB20 are the other two decent ones. Those are all the options I know of. Stages support has been giving people fits for several years now so I would not pick that one, unless you are in a country where they have a good support network (Saddleback in the UK does a good job, US support directly from Stages can take months to answer a question).

Do you already each have a bike (that fits)? If so, what’s preventing having 1 trainer and you each put your bike on it when you want to use it?

I’ve no idea if there are limitations on which direct drive turbo trainers they can mount on, but for shared use by people of different sizes, a folding bike such as could fit the bill and be much cheaper than a dedicated “smart bike.”

The folding bike then might be a convienant way to take the bike in a car or on a train to get somewhere outside.

Another unknown with this option is how the folds would hold up on a turbo, especially when doing big power numbers in a workout, or sprinting in a race etc.

Yes, we both have bikes that fits. But having to change bikes everytime we need to train (i.e. twice per day in total) is not an option. It’s not only about changing the bike, it’s also about filthy chains and moving the bike from the bedroom and to the the garage all the time.

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I like the idea. I could mount drop handlebars to it. However I really doubt the reach would fit us both unfotunately; it really needs to be adjustable (she is tiny, I am not).

A smart bike is a great way to share a bike between two differently sized riders. My wife is 160cm, I am 181cm. We can share a bike and make the adjustments in 30 seconds. It helps both of us to get on it immediately. Our StagesBike SB20 has been reliable but with the company’s problems lately I would probably look at the Wahoo Shift.

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Yeah, but the price, though… For that I could get a Zwift Hub One, weld together some kind of steel frame holding saddle, handlebars and a crankset with some adjustments, and still have 2400€ to spare… That’s just an insane amount of money for something so dumb…

It’s good idea. If you’re feeling industrious then do it. Depending on the size difference you might also be able to use a small bike frame with an adjustable stem and a long seatpost. I’m lazy. Spent US$2400 on the SB20 when a discount was available.

These stems are made for sizing and not sprinting…