Lemond with Stages Power Meter

Hi all!

So, I have a Lemond Revolution trainer (which is awesome) and a Stages Power meter for my Zwift set-up. I’m wondering if I should upgrade to a direct drive smart trainer to get the full zwift experience. Of course cost is the big upgrade hurdle. A

I guess my main thought is that my climb efforts might be easier on the Lemond versus a smart trainer given that the Lemond doesn’t add resistance. I can shift up my gears to make tge load heavier and my cadence lower. So maybe it’s similar?

Any thoughts?


It is definitely not easier you just go slower if you don’t change gears. To gi the same speed as a rider of your weight and height you will have to generate the same power.

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Thanks, Gerrie. So it’s just a function of power input. Power output = pace.

Any i missing something big in terms of the zwift experience not being in a smart trainer?

Many many people use smart trainers every day but you almost never see a forum post about problems with a dumb trainer and a good power device.
Okay, far far fewer.

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Only if you race. Unless you have good anticipation you will be slow to react to slope changes. A DD trainer reacts automatically.

The smart trainer will adjust according to the grade of the road. The question is do you want to pay for that.

A lot of racers has there trainers on 0% trainer difficulty which makes it the same as yours.

One thing I like about the smart trainer is ERG mode I do a lot of workouts on Zwift

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This is the real reason for a smart trainer.