Drops, XP points earned during a ride

Hi. Is there a way to see how many drops or XP points I earned in a ride? Would be a nice feature. Thanks

While seeing it in a ride summary would preferable, maybe even including it in the weekly summary email we get. I’m much more interested in knowing my XP/Dropz progress than how many ride ones I gave in a week.

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I would also include separately the drops gained by Ride Ons, presently it is really not clear by looking on the drops during the ride if 1000 drops were really given.

Thank you!


You don’t get 1000 drops for receiving a Ride On. You get accelerated drop accumulation for a short period of time.

Oh…thank you.
Is there any official place where I could read how exactly those new features works and the whole list of the new features?

Hey Adam, we have a beginners article on Drops here: https://support.zwift.com/en_us/the-drop-shop-HkNWbsB84

Or are you looking for Zwift Game Release: The Drop Shop?

Hi Vincent, I think the question being asked here is how many drops do people collect for a given distance ridden and elevation gained.

As a beginner I looked at the link you provided and I also looked at Zwiftinsiders write up which says:

  • Riding up an incline: a mountain icon flash next to your Drops counter when you are accumulating Drops in climbing mode. The incline must be 3% or more, and the rate of accumulation increases with the incline.
  • Receiving a Ride On: a Ride On icon will flash next to your Drops counter after you receive a Ride On, and your Drops will accumulate twice as fast for 15 seconds.

So I guess we can gather the number of drops increases by those percentages in those circumstances.

The question remains how many drops do you accumulate for 1km or 1mile distance at 0-2.9 gradient? Also, curious if the number of drops reduce when going downhill in converse with going uphill?

This info would be helpful for those that are looking to purchase something new in the dropshop and would like to calculate how to get it.