Dropouts with Kickr Direct Connect (plugged straight into the computer)

Hello all,

I use a Kickr V6 with the Direct Connect adaptor to plug the trainer straight into my PC through an Ethernet cable. I had to disable my Windows Firewall to make it work and it has been alright for 2 months but yesterday I got a deadly dropout twice during my rides.

Any idea what could cause this issue?


Bad Luck with the dropouts yesterday, was wondering where you went when we hit the sgurr.

The Direct Connect needs to be plugged in to your router and not the pc, and then it uses the wifi to send the. From what i read it sounds like you are still using the V6 wifi, as it changes automatically between wifi and cable, and it shows up the same way on Zwift

Check my next post but didn’t know you could connect it directly to the pc

Supposedly it also works connected directly into the computer, not really sure if there is any difference in terms of reliability between the two.

Not that i know of. This is from Wahoos website “No more worrying about your wireless connection dropping during your virtual races and online group rides. KICKR Direct Connect provides a hard wired solution from your KICKR Smart Trainer to your internet router.”


Apparently you can do it, just tested it on my pc, but don’t know if their is any difference in how it works. Using the router has been rock solid for me