Drop outs issues after GV 1.61 update on Windows 11 connecting via Direct Connect

Just wondering if support can check on why my 2 trainers are getting more connection drops since the last patch. Running a kickr v5 and kickr core, everything seemed fine before now its getting worse on the V5. I can still pedal in game and continue, but lose everyone,… today it happened about 5 times and actually caused me to lose the front group on a race and placed me mid pack finish.

Connected win 11 laptop wired to router running Zwift, kickrV5 direct connect to router running race mode.

Thank you

Have you tried running a log file through zwiftalizer? Sounds like you are having network issues. Have you restared the router and wifi equipment recently?

No I have not, as the issues only seemed to have started since the last patch or 2 and both units have updated firmware. If it was a network issue one would think it would happen to both at the same time, but it doesn’t.

I will try to reboot the router and see what happens.

Hi @Jason_J_SPM, besides restarting the router and wifi equipment. I also would like to know how both trainers get connected. Do you connect them one after the other on the same Zwift account? I’m asking this because Zwift can sometimes hang onto the wrong info, such as trainers or sensors that were paired to the game in the past and this may cause multiple issues like this one. If so, I would recommend you reset your devices and game preferences, check out the steps in this article. If the issue persists, I would like to continue troubleshooting your specific situation, please write in. zwift.com/contact-us.

Connect kickr V5 to my account, Core to the wife’s so 2 separate accounts. It never happened yesterday or today, will try again this week. Thanks for the reply