Hello fellow Zwifters or rather the organisers of Zracing - Flat is Fast!

I have been D’QD from the race and I don’t know why? My Category (Pace Group) is C for Mixed and B Women. My zFTP is 177w!! The race today at 16:10, my average w/kg was 3.79. See screenshot.
I had to put out, yes about that much, to stay in the peloton! and if I slightly slow my cadence, I get booted to the back! There were 120 riders! As everyone was putting out 3.2 - 3.6, I had to do 3.8 or more just to be there! I don’t understand why I was booted out? I’ve always raced C because my zFTP is below the Category of a B and I don’t think I can ever be a B Mixed.

PLEASE HELP. This race was important! I was near death the whole time, yeah HR of 178 and 180 at the end!

Thank you,

The Flat is Fast races have been set up incorrectly. Hopefully this will be sorted when Zwift realises the error.

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