Flat is Fast allowing out-of-category results

To quickly summarize, look at this rider’s Flat is Fast event on 01/02/23. His performance and designated pace group are well out of the category he’d entered, but his result is allowed to stand. Rider: profile.php?z=2293 Event: events.php?zid=4044766 (Sorry, hit the enter key and didn’t realize it would submit the post. Also apparently this forum doesn’t support links?? Those Rider and Event query strings are for zwiftpower, of course)

What rider? What event?

Updated the post since it submitted early – apparently ‘enter’ key does that.

Category D.

Category Enforcement does not do post-race DQ for exceeding cat limits. The rider would have been cat D before the race (their last race on ZwiftPower was 4 years ago) otherwise they would not have been able to enter cat D and probably upgraded to cat C after the race based on their power for the race.

The really interesting thing is how they gained 10kg in one day which looks like an attempt to get their w/kg back under the 2.63 limit for cat D. Little did they know that Zwift now takes into account your weight at the time you set a PR so trying to jigger things by reverse weight doping doesn’t work anymore.