Download FIT files from Apple TV

When losing wi-fi connectivity for whatever reason the FIT file from Apple TV does not get uploaded.  Can you please add the function to be able to download / retrieve the FIT file from Apple TV like the iPhone/iPad.  Maybe have an option to pick and send the FIT file to the Apple ID that is logged into the Apple TV.

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The issue is that apple does not allow access to the file system on TVOS. They may with some future OS updates, but for now, we simply are not able to add this function. We would like it as well.


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Hi Jordan,

it is possible to sync FIT and Log Files to iColud Storage from Apps on AppleTV when i read the AppleTV-SDK right.

And after i think, its possible the User will find it in iCloud Drive (iCloud Drive is avaible on iPad, iPhone and Web)

This would also be a way to sync Workouts to Zwift-APP on Apple TV.


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This is an essential requirement and it frightens the life out me to think I can lose the ride data on Apple TV 4K, having just switched to this to allow ease of use for other non technical house hold users. Klaus suggestion is excellent workaround - can this be implemented ?

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Stirring the pot.  Any thought to using Cloud Kit to store personal Zwifting data?  While I save my sessions to both Zwift and Strava, Zwift’s TVOS implementation does not seem to retain PRs, so the PR pop-ups are just empty forms.  I imagine that setting up iCloud storage would entail O&M costs for you all, so would it be possible to set this up at a small optional user cost?


For what it’s worth, my AppleTV does not have empty forms.  There are numbers in the 5-sec, 1-min, etc. ‘best effort’ values.  However, these numbers are different across all my devices [Mac, PC, iPad, ATV] – so it is the best effort on that device, and not necessarily my best ever Zwift effort.