Does zwift support ERG mode on apple TV?

Hi, I would like to know if zwift supports ERG mode on apple TV?

Yes, it does.

Is there a difference in use between using zwift on apple TV and on iphone?

Erg mode on Apple TV: Yes

Difference in use AppleTV vs iPhone:

  • Screen size is biggest difference (AppleTV +1)
  • Janky remote vs touch screen (iPhone +1)
  • Ability to use your iPhone for other things while riding, e.g, Companion app, music, etc… (AppleTV +1)

Could probably think of a few more, but generally speaking the AppleTV is going to be a better experience of the two.

yes,thank you

Well, how do you do it? I can see no way to turn on erg mode on a normal ride. It only works for “workouts”.

That’s right, Zwift only supports it in workouts. Some people use a cycling computer or smart phone app to control the trainer’s ERG mode and do not pair it as Controllable in Zwift. That approach lets you manage ERG mode outside of Zwift while doing a free ride.

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