Do not update my workout to Strava

Hello, I am a new Zwifter.
Today, after finishing Watopia Stage 4, my activity feed showed the ride, but it doesn’t happen when I click to the feed to see the detail, and also do not auto-update my ride to Strava
Could anybody help!?

Hi @Joe_Ng, welcome to the forums. Sounds like you may have lost your network connection or something similar when the ride ended and you saved it. Unfortunately lost rides can’t be recovered on Zwift, and you may need to ride stage 4 again to get credit. You should contact support at to see if they can help.

Hi Mike !
I went to strava and uploaded the activity sucessfully
And my ride was loaded to “ACTIVITY FEED” in Zwift website

=> I don’t think it was “lost network connection”
The thing is that when I click to my activity feed in Zwift, nothing happen as usual.
Normally, when I click to the feed, it should be like this :slight_smile:

Thank you

That’s good! The fact that the activity is titled with the date 04/16/2021 rather than Tour of Watopia Stage 4 is a clue that something didn’t go right when it tried to save to the Zwift servers. Hopefully you got credit for completing stage 4!

That’s right , sometimes it happens !
A feed should have a title like this !

I have some activities don’t have a title, and whenever a ride doesn’t have a title in “Activity feed” of Zwift, will not auto-update to Strava, I have to update manually !

You may want to check some of your ride logs from when this happens in to see if you are having any network errors. Perhaps a reboot of your modem/router would also help, as it seems to happen frequently.

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Thank you, Mike, for your support !!
Maybe I will be back to RGT Cycling after this month subscription !