Do After Party segments (KOMs) count for ZPoints?


a couple of days ago I participated in the “PACK SUB2 Saturday + KOM After Party” ride. The blue “finish line banner” came right before the start of the Libby Hill KOM. I rode a PB on the after party KOM, but this PB is not shown on ZwiftPower in the ZPoints segments; my previous PB (still in the 90 days bracket) is used to calculate ZPoints.

For segments to count for ZPoints, do they have to be in the “official” part of a race/ride, or can they be ridden after the official end of a ride/race (time or distance)?

RideOn everybody!

Unless its changed, only “event” times apply for ZP segments.

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Hi Dean,
thanks, that’s what I was guessing. So I will have to take an even closer look at the event descriptions to avoid surprises, as sometimes the after party is part of the event, and sometimes not.