Distance of the ZRS Crit City Color Run

This Race distance is 2km/Lap*3Lap Total 6km according to the Zwift companion.
But 6km is not finished.
On the contrary, it didn’t end after running 18km.
What happen?
This is testing the limits of patience?

Didn’t see the finish banner either and should have known something was going to go awry when at the start of the run, my avatar ran in a circle :roll_eyes:. Then, when I stopped running at 4 miles we noticed the lap counter remained at 1/3. Have latest update, all apps were shut down completely and reopened prior to run and there were no WiFi dropouts during event. The only way to end the run was to ‘Quit Event’…very annoying.

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Ping Pingly[ZTR] completed this event.
Goal distance was 42km.
Celebrate the success of the patience test.


Oh my word…42k​:rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:!!! Clearly not as advertised then​:joy:

Happened to me too - I gave it another 500m after the progress bar finished and then gave up; I did the 9am ‘Pink’/‘A’ category - I’ve emailed Zwift support to see if I need to repeat the event to complete the series… Did it happen on all the events, i.e., is it worth me trying another one tomorrow to ‘tick it off’ so to speak?

I was on the 9am (in green) too. So not sure if the same thing happened in latter runs.

Same on the 10:00 run for me. I planned on running 10km so went past the supposed distance of three 2km laps of Crit City but no finish.

Ran at 12:00 (Blue). Laps showed 1/3 even though I’d done 3x laps of the circuit. I did 8km in total, no finish and I had to quit the event.

Zwift revised distance without comment.
Next event is 3.3km distance.
But Next D race is 6474km(3300Lap) Lololololooooooooooooooool

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Thought you were kidding…but I just checked and you are right 3,300 laps​:joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:…classic!

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I’ve just done the 9am run & got the finish line banner & results are showing in Zwift Power. May have been a glitch yesterday

Zwift support responded with:
" > Thanks for reaching out to us! I’m sorry you have had issues with your ride saving in Zwift.

There are a few reasons we’re aware of that could prevent your activity from saving and your .fit file from uploading. Check out this LINK REMOVED for more info.

Please try making these changes, and let us know how it goes."
I’m assuming they didn’t read/understand my email… I’ve pointed them at this thread.

Nope - they clearly didn’t read or understand. Good idea to point them here…

There are no results for the Friday or Saturday events in Zwift Power. Those runs show 3 laps and 6km. The Sunday events were all set to 3km with no lap counter and all have results in them!