Distance bug

On the wondering flat loop, as I passed the start pens, going up the hill the distance count down switched from .X to 5x00m. It’s also stuck in Meters which tick down as quickly as the drops count up. :joy:

Update: it went from ~4000 meter to “0m”.

Update 2: The meters are back. :joy:

Is the issue here that the meters continuously count down once you go through the banner or that they start from too high a number so they are still counting down as you cross the finish?

I’m thinking there is a big that once it switches from KM to M it gets stuck and never switches back. Also the 2km in the middle where it just read 0 before resuming.

oh so it shows the meters remaining for the whole loop once you have completed one? yeah, that’s wrong! haven’t seen that before

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Huh, I was sure I’d been hit by every bug going, but I haven’t seen this one! Let us know what device you’re on and update the thread if you do another ride and get the same thing (and on which circuit/route).

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