display is now cropped on projector after installing update, can't find any way to fix

(W ish I was Outside) #1

I have a non-widescreen lcd monitor and an overhead short throw LCD projector. In desktop mode everything is fine the projector just shows what’s on the screen. And that used to work in Zwift also. However now, while the desktop LCD shows the full image the image sent to the second display (analog projector) is cropped, showing only the middle part of the screen (can only see the lowest digit of the watts for example and nothing left of that).

This is unusable, I really can’t ride like that so I won’t be able to use Zwift until this is corrected.

(W ish I was Outside) #2

Just adding a little info, projector is analog, configured to clone what’s on the LCD, both are 4x3. The LCD display is perfect, the projector version of the image looks like it has been scaled and is clipped on both left and right sides so I can’t read my watts etc. Prior to the update I’d never had a problem with it. The desktop, login screen, sensor pairing screen, screen showing the riders and giving the option to select a workout etc. were all perfect on both displays. But once I start a ride and the simulation starts, the projector image (and only the projector one) changes and becomes clipped and useless.

(Matt Canna) #3

change display to windowed in the settings menu.  also make sure your display is set to correct resolution of the zwift game.

(W ish I was Outside) #4

Windowed display works, however there is the top window bar (even when I double click on the top bar to expand the window to maximum size).


I was mistaken about the cropping, it’s actually purely on the left side, and also it’s cropped at all times not just during the sim i.e. on the login screen etc. as well, I just didn’t notice that instead of being centered the UI elements were shifted to the left. There are no UI elements at the far left until inside until during the ride which is why it wasn’t immediately obvious.

It also appears to be running the projector in lower resolution than the screen, and lower resolution than the settings configured for that display in windows (both are set to 1280x1024 in Windows)