Android issues with projector

Hi all,

I am a beta tester using zwift for Android version 1.0.53343 and I am also a beta tester for Google play services. I am using zwift on my Samsung s5e and have had no problems until an Android update last week after which the display through my projector is flattened. Usb c to hdmi is all good. Projector settings all checked and not the problem. Doesn’t happen everytime though. But when it does happen when I get to my course, the screen automatically has the menu box on screen with the game paused and I can’t actually ride. Any suggestions?

Hi @Tim_Son_Of_John_Wils
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I don’t understand what you mean by “flattened.” Please elaborate? Can you attach a photo / screenshot?

With this device - have you always used this HDMI to projector setup?

What happens if you disconnect the HDMI cable and just run it natively on the device’s screen?