Display thoughts from a projector user

I have a small studio with 5 CompuTrainers, and we ride several times a week, typically Sufferfest videos and RacerMate One. I know we’re atypical, but thought I’d add my thoughts. From a display standpoint, having cadence and HR at the top of the screen can make for some strained necks. That is, it would be nice if there were options (pinned to top, pinned to bottom, pinned to side). And here’s a kudo. We run two projectors side by side to create a 16-foot wide screen for our riders, and Zwift is the first to allow total width across two screens without limit. Legacy CompuTrainer software is limited to one screen. PerfPRO Studio and RacerMate One have a width limit that (I believe) is a function of heighth. But Zwift allowed a full-width (16 foot) display, which was rather awesome. If there was a way to post a pic, I would, it was that good.

Steve - wow - we’d love to see a pic! That takes the record for the biggest screen to date. Maybe you could upload to Instagram and #gozwift #zwiftbeta?