Display failures

During my first tryout, suddenly the road has gone away, and I was riding through grass and trees. After a minute or so, a road appears from the side, and I got back on the road again.
Some minutes later, I was overtaken by maybe 50 to 80 bicycles -without any riders on it… strange.
Somewhat later I was “flying” over the ground with no street below me, just over nature an some buildings. Funny, but not very realistic.
At another time, all other riders disappeared, the lists on the left and on the right were empty, so I was riding alone -suddenly they all reappeared, so I was in the crowd again…
Overall, it looks too antsy in my mind.

Hey Beau, thanks for writing in! This sounds like it may be a network issue. Can you try troubleshooting your connection with this guide? https://support.zwift.com/en_us/riders-disappearing-or-going-off-course-(cycling)-HkPW0yWSQ

If that doesn’t help then please feel free to send in a support conversation to our technical support team: https://support.zwift.com/contact/contact-us-HJH8N4RNQ

Hope this helps!