Missing riders from the screen display

(Alan Weaver (Beacon RCC)) #1

Missing riders from the screen display? Has anyone suffered from a complete lack of others riders on the screen despite it saying that there are 600+ riding right now?

There are no names displayed, no riders on the screen and no rider dots on the route profile top right of the screen.  Yet I can see messages popping up so I know that people are on there.

Oddly I dont have the problem all the time, just every now and then and I dont know if it is Zwift or my laptop. But I did a 50mile session last night without any issues at all.  Yet tonight a solo ride :frowning:

I have tried logging out and restarting the laptop but no differance, so really confused

(Paul Allen) #2

Sounds like it is an issue with your internet connection. Try restarting your modem and router.

(. TomH..) #3

Hi Alan, 

Is the time and date in your PC set correctly? That could cause this problem. 

(Alan Weaver (Beacon RCC)) #4

Hi Tom,

I can confirm that the time and date are correct. I have raised a ticket and it was been suggested that it could be a WiFi connection issue? Which I find odd, as 9 times out of ten it works perfect. The trainer is set in one place and so is the router, and the night before it worked with no issues? I have done countless speed tests and they have not revealed any issues. Although the trainer is in the garage, the garage is attached to the house, and we have super fast broadband

(. TomH..) #5

Hi Alan, 

To me it sound like firewall issue or router issue. Have you tried running Zwift hard wired? (if possible) 

(Steven Fielke Team AHDR) #6

I have had the same issue and, like you, it happens sporadically. My other problem is that my avatar can freeze, (along with everything else on the screen). Normally it takes no longer than 5 minutes for my avatar to ‘get going’ again, but still, it shouldn’t be happening. Quite frustrating and annoying having to wait in the hope that I don’t need to end the ride and log in again.

(David Griscom YCW) #7

I don’t think this is an uncommon problem for folks running Zwift with Wifi.  Even if most of the time you have a good connection, things like running your microwave oven, or interference from your neighbors Wifi can cause dropouts.  I have spent a lot of time trying to avoid this problem in Zwift with partial success.  Some things to try

  • run some type of Wifi analyzer to find out what are the best channels for your router to use

-  Move the computer slightly to get better reception

  • move your router to achieve better signal strength.  Usually higher and towards the middle of the house is best.  If your router has antenna, try altering their position.  There are lots of article on the web on what to do

If you can go wired, that is your best solution

(. TomH..) #8

Thanks for your tips David but as you say wired connections it the best solution. There is also something called “powerline internet adapter” which is reasonably priced solution to all Wi-fi problems, click HERE for more info.


(Allan Strydom - SZR (C)) #9


I’d like to just point out that problem being described by the original poster in this thread probably has absolutely nothing to do with Wifi issues.

I say this because I experienced exactly the same thing the other night, in the middle of a ride, and I am not on Wifi, my PC is connected directly to my router via a Gigabit ethernet connection.

But even more importantly, I was riding with a friend that night, who lives 650 kms away from me in a different province, and he experienced exactly the same problem, at exactly the same time as me.

Both of us suddenly found ourselves riding on our own, in a Zwift wasteland, where all humanity had vanished as if The Rapture had just occurred.

Clearly our local networks cannot be blamed for something that affected both of us when we are physically separated by 650kms.

Our automatic assumption was that the Zwift servers temporarily glitched and I assumed that our online sessions had been dropped by the server for some reason resulting in us suddenly riding alone in some kind of offline session. 

Interestingly, the total rider count didn’t drop to zero, in my case it continued to report that over 440 riders were online. 

To add to this, I work in IT and I immediately checked my internet connection when this happened, and there was nothing wrong with it, everything else was working, including a speed test, so my internet connection / router couldn’t be blamed for that either.

In my case, this has only ever happened once so far, but I strongly suspect it’s a server-side problem and not client-side.

(Alan Weaver (Beacon RCC)) #10

Well at least I am not the only one that has experianced this rather bizarre occurance!  It is also interesting that you are connected via an Ethernet cable.  On each occasion when it has done it I have also checked the WiFi connection and the broadband speed and every time they have been what I would class as being above average.

Its also fair to add, that this has only happened on a couple of occassions so is by means a seroius issue for me as yet.  But it would be good to try and establish the route cause for future referance.

(Steven Fielke Team AHDR) #11

Once, again, this continues to be a regular problem for me, along with my avatar freezing.

(David Mckie AHDR) #12

This problem has happened to me on my last three rides. Very frustrating. I have wifi to my Mac. Is there a solution?