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Pace partners: the ‘fence’ that shows if you are ahead/behind doesn’t seem to ever go away. You can force it to by either getting far enough ahead or behind to see ‘catch up…’ notices, and when you do, it turns off.

Also, in leaderboard for KOMs, the history page that shows your previous ‘when’ results is cut off… should say something like ‘2 days ago’ but just says ‘days ago’.


Hi Brian @Bthlonewolf

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

The 2nd issue you’ve mentioned (e.g. In leaderboards: KOMs, the history page that shows your previous ‘when’ results is cut off) is a known issue and I can confirm that the Zwift dev team is working on a fix.

The first issue doesn’t sound familiar to me, but I personally don’t have as much experience in identifying issues having to do with pace partners and the ‘fence’ as you described it.

Would you happen to have a short video exhibiting this behavior in Zwift? This might help as I look to make inquiries for you. If that’s something you’re able to do, I don’t think it’s a simple matter to link videos to the Forums, so it might be best if you email it to our support team.

You can contact us here.

Thank you for the quick reply! I’ll try to grab a video next ride. I do have a screenshot of the fence I’m talking about (might not be describing it correctly). It stays interactive as you go ahead/behind the partner, but stays there all the time. I will say about 10% of the time it works correct where you see it when joining the pace partner, see the notice about pedal assist ending, then disappears.

Just closing the loop – it didn’t happen for a couple of days after the recent update, but it did happen again so I submitted a video via the link above. Thanks!

Hi Brian @Bthlonewolf ,

I saw your email and I just replied to it moments ago. I appreciate you sending the video and we’ll move our discussion from the forums to email correspondence. Thank you for your efforts on this!

Hi @Bthlonewolf ,

I’ll be sending you an email shortly as well, but I did hear back from the team and confirmed that this is a bug, so it’s with Zwift’s developers now. Thanks again for your efforts in reporting this!