Pace Partner Graduation: Chase Race. No show by the PPs

The ride description says we are supposed to pull the pace partners around in a chase race.

“The Pace Partners are feeling competitive and they’re ready to race! We know that Pace Partners are excellent pacers but they’re still newcomers on the racing scene and will need your help to succeed. They’ve paced you around the roads of Zwift for countless hours and now it’s time for you to return the favor and deliver them to the top step of the podium.”

Unfortunately it seems someone forgot to invite the pace partners as they didn’t appear in any of the categories. Everyone made the best of the situation and we had a normal chase race without any pace partners but still…

Perhaps someone might want to look into this to ensure that future events operate as intended.

Thanks, having a look now.

They are definitely all assigned as leaders to the event (using the same setup as we did in test events.

Was everyone (not) seeing the same thing?

I didn’t race but have checked first three races via Activity pictures. Looks like races at 01.00 and 07.00 UK time had Pace Partners it is just the 04.00 race where appears none of the groups had a Pace Partner.

Really weird. The config is fine.

Good thinking Ian. Someone commented in the pens that they didn’t see the pace partner. There wasn’t much more discussion during the race but as per Ian’s suggestion I am not seeing any pace partners in the screenshots of fellow competitors.

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Just looking through the pics for this race.

I’m not seeing the pace partner in any of the D cat pics. B. Wyman’s (D cat) pics don’t show any at all avatars (that’s a whole different bug).

I. Kapture in B cat has a pic of the C and A bots (but no B bot) but I haven’t been able to find the C bot in any of the C cat pics (did everyone drop Coco?)

Finally, no bots in any of the A cat pics. R & G Jeffries pics are all black which is whole different bug.

I just popped into this race and yeah, I didn’t see any pace partners. Others said they also didn’t see any and nobody said that they could see a pace partner. So it seems something is broken.

Just did race. 7.00pm AEST. No pace partners. Caused some confusion.

Really sorry about this everyone.

I’ve asked the dev team to have a look into it for me.

Looking more carefully but quickly again and in not much detail, and I Kapture picture in particular, I think what I originally found earlier in 07:00 uk time race might just be racers who carried on riding and joined up with the regular Pace Partners. I Kapture screenshots are after race has finished and with wrong Pace Partner.
01:00 race did appear to work.

Hey guys,

Just wanted to pop back in here and say a big thank you for flagging this issue.

Basically, when a Pace Partner finishes an event, they should disappear straight away and have their schedule removed.

Evidently Coco has been teaching them some bad habits and they went off and did a free ride afterwards. Because they can only be in one place at the same time, they decided they were having more fun doing a free ride and didn’t feel like turning up to their next events :roll_eyes:

I’ve removed all the Pace Partner events (nb. not to be confused with roaming Pace Partners) whilst our dev team work on a fix for this.