Why Pace Partners Are Terrible

Not being able to tell whether you’re ahead or behind the Pace Partner is awful. On the back half of a long ride I lost the Pace Partner four times because of it.

You sped up? LOL. Sucker. You should have slowed down.
You slowed down? LOL. Sucker. You should have sped up.

What a terrible “feature”. Plus, the distance indicator is in such a tiny font it’s hard to read.

I won’t use Pace Partners ever again. Just awful.

Use the minimap to see where the Pace Partner is.


I find a lot of UI issues are resolved with a big screen TV.
There’s a lot of useful stuff on the UI but I couldn’t see it or use it until the big TV came along.

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Hi @Jason_McGrody

Check out the new update:

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THE beacon when you are behind and the rider flag shownig distance when you are ahead(look at the very bottom of you screren below you avatar) makes this issue a bit less annoying so try it out. I wish they would make that pace bar that comes up when you get way to far away stay permantly on sceen while riding with the pace partners.