Broken Fence

In London today on a group ride I lead, the moment I turned the fence on, the graphic interface with my control and monitoring disappeared for good. This Group has zapping fence working and I had just used it as a leader Tuesday in Watopia without defects. When the defect occurred the zapping fence definitely didn’t work. I could see flyers past the fence.

Hi @Paul_SE_Florida_Schu

It’s possible that what you’ve described is a bug.

I’d suggest that you record a video showing a clear example of Zwift exhibiting this behavior and then send that the Zwift technical support. If it’s a known issue, the video will help our team to identify it and if it’s a newer bug, a video is typically helpful towards getting attention on it for a possible bug report.

You can contact us here.

The fence does not yet work well in Yorkshire and London. If you avoid those worlds with fenced rides, it should work as expected.

Posting a video I made of this is not realistic, as I start and lead a large group ride. This is exactly why I never report zwift defects anymore. In the past I’ve tried to help, spending lots of my time with information asked and in the end, the outcome is nothing is fixed. I have a lengthy list of Zwift defects and this is just another one. Cheers

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Fair enough Paul, but looks like James essentially gave the answer. I can only presume that the fence will be improved in Yorkshire and London as Zwift’s developers work to improve the app. Thanks