Disable "Riders nearby" - possible?

Actually i’m using Zwift Android, and I can swipe away on the right side the “riders nearby” and also on the left side the “KOMS”, because I don’t need these informations.

Yesterday I tried the Zwift for Windows on my PC, because of better graphics, but how can I disable both windows “KOMS” and “riders nearby”?

Or is it only possible to disable both windows with edit the “prefs.xml”? - but which line I have to edit?

The other thing is, after training, when I save the workout, the session will be saved, but then Zwift is completely closing. On the Android version I came to the main menu? Is this a bug?

Grab yourself a [Zwifthacks] app. (https://zwifthacks.com/zwift-preferences/). A lot easier and safer playing with a GUI and has a bunch of other things to play with!

Re the difference between Android and PC version shutting down, not a bug, that’s just how the PC works and why one of the most requested features is to stay in-game after saving. Edit: Here’s the Feature Request I mentioned

Thank you for your answer.

I already tried to disable it with the zwifthack Tool, but is not possible, when I make “Minimal UI” everything is gone, also the mp/h / Watt / Time, which is important for me.

When I only disable “Minimal Leaderboards”, the window on the right side (Riders nearby) is further visible.

Which setting in the Zwifthack Tool should I use?

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There is no way to just remove Riders nearby in the Windows/macOS versions, unfortunately.