Dirt destroyer problem

I started the dirt destroyer training plan and reached the first “surge to the max” today. The erg mode works exellent until the last minute of power surge. Because the program is then set to free ride at a cadense of 65 so you can put your best effort to it, you need to time the ride to be at a steep climb every time you reach this point in the exercise. This didn’t work out at all for me, and at 3 out of 4 surges I was riding on a level section.
Any ideas how to resolve this next time I have to do this part is much appretiated👍.

Same for me.
Only my last (out of 4) one-minute interval was hard with huge resistance, the first three were really easy.

Seems it’s been discussed here:

I think it’s a bug.
To accomplish the workout purpose, the HT should be set at max resistance, wherever you are on the track (ascent or dh).

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Yes exact same issue for me. All of the 1 minute freerides at 65rpm from what I can see were meant to be hard resistance but for me was like rolling down a hill just rotating the pedals with ease. If I tried to apply any power I would just exceed 65rpm.

I think it is a bug too… can someone at Zwift please look in to this?? I wish I could do the workout again has kind of spoilt the training plan for me.

There is also another thread with a few others (inlcuding myself) reporting the same problem.

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Me too. I just did step 2 of the plan and had this issue.
It must be designed for a certain route, but which one, and how am I supposed to know?
Daniel has answered my next question which was if I could figure out what was wrong could I redo this effort since it was a total waste of time.
My “max efforts” were in the 100w territory. Thy were easier than my ramp up effort.
Is this plan worth continuing with or are there other useless sessions? I don’t want to put in a lot of time on this plan if it’s isn’t going to get me anything
Does anyone at Zwift read these posts the other thread with this issue is 4 months old?

No definately worth continuing the plan the rest have been good so far (only up to week 4 now) and no more freerides that I can see in future workouts.

And you can actually redo a workout i think. Although I haven’t tried it yet if you go to Workouts in Zwift you can click “Undo” on the bottom right of a completed workout. I may do it again and if it does the same thing I will turn ERG off.

Thank. I’m going to try and redo this one since it was a useless workout. There has to be a specific route you’re supposed to be on, or maybe I just do it on Alpes Du Zwift

Absolutely crap. Has no one read this forum or tried the workout? Just wasted an early morning wake up on a ‘ramp’ that dropped from 350 W to 120…

The whole surge to the max workout wants looking at. You have 3 mins at 135 at the end followed by a cool down that jumps up to 180 as it’s first step.

The English / instructions are really badly written throughout so far. You’d have thought the pro trainer that had put their name to this might chase up getting it sorted out?

Glad I’m not paying for this. Oh…

Hi @Nick_Emerson_TBC

Welcome to the forum.

What Dirt destroyer workout are you referring to?

Is this the workout?

Hi there, the same one as mentioned previously. I think it’s week 1, workout 3. It has ramps followed by theoretical maximal efforts, but is coded to use free ride mode, which for me gave close to zero resistance at 65rpm…

You need to change the resistance in the free ride sections. You can do that in the companion app or the on screen menu or using the ± keys on the keyboard.



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Hi, thanks for your reply. Am I doing this for each of the 1 minute bursts, or is this something I can set at the beginning of the session and leave?

I can’t remember. I would think it stay the same but I will have to check.

Thanks Gerrie!

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