Dirt destroyer, Surge to the max week2

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Is it ok, set trainer sesistance as “free ride” on 1minute max effort at 65rpm after 3 minute ramp up in this workout? These 65rpm effort in “free ride” resistance was very easy, was like rest. Some one who was prepearing this workout made mistake? Is there any sense to ride at 65rpm on free ride mode in this workout?

I had the same issue on this workout. The 1 min “Free Ride” after the 3 min ramp up was supposed to be as hard as possible. But if I kept at the 65 rpm it was super easy. Is there a way to manually ramp up the watt effort?

I had exactly the opposite, once I got into the Freeride section, the trainer went into a similar thing to ERG mode and made it impossible for me to carry on, I just had to battle through the ‘spiral of death’ 5 or 6 times, to get through the minute of Freeride.

I was also experiencing the same thing. It seems like the Free Ride is in ERG mode and depending on where you are on the track it might be super easy or really hard. Keeping 65 rpm while it’s -8% is not really hard… 2 out 3 Free Rides where really simple and as a result the whole training was not that challenging.

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Hi, yes I just did this workout and experienced exactly the same thing. Once in the 1 minute freeride I got the impression it was meant to be hard and you had to give your max watts at 65rpm. But even though the workout was in erg mode its like it turned erg mode off for the freeride and it was impossible to do high watts at 65rpm… it was more like I was rolling down a hill and just rotating the pedals with ease. If I tried to give more watts I would exceed 65rpm instantly.

I just did this session and was totally disappointed. Same experience. “Max effort” was easier than the 3 minute ramp. I tried out smarting it thinking maybe I should start the ramp in an easy gear, an drop to harder gears to make it harder. That was dumb as it’s dumping you out of ERG mode and into “Free ride” so it reacts to the terrain.
Is it supposed to be on a specific track, or route?
I thought the first session was good so I decided to stick with the whole plan, but if they’re this dumb there’s no point

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Same here - I think the “1min free ride @ 65rpm” is broken. Hurt me knees trying to go that slow with no resistance :slight_smile:

I had the same issue. All I can think of is doing that workout on Alpe du Zwift so you can have a constant uphill grade in the free ride part.

Absolutely, or Mountain 8, or anything with a sustained climb
If that’s what it takes then why don’t they have “suggested routes” in the work out.
The guy that designed the workout had to have a route in mind.
This was created for MTB so you would think it’s designed for a single front chainring, and not a bike with a 60 tooth 2nd ring that can produce power going downhill.