Dirt destroyer problem

No The Incline is not a multiplier. It se the trainer resistance.

You can clearly see I maxed out everything in the companion app. What else was I supposed to do?

There’s something wrong then. What is your setup?

Zwift running on Windows 10, using the Companion app (which works fine) on an iPhone 13 Pro.

Bluetooth dongle in the Windows machine, and a Wahoo Kickr + HR strap connected to that bluetooth dongle.

A lot of people have problems with the latest 1.1.xx Kickr firmware. It would be worth checking and downgrading to 1.0.xx. There are several threads on this. See Wahoo Kickr Core 1.1.1 firmware issues - #5 by Tom_Hagler

The thing is, I’ve been running this setup multiple times per week since October with zero issues. Not in workouts, not in free rides. Everything works as it should. I don’t want to risk introducing new problems by downgrading for 1 workout that Zwift should fix (or at least document) imo.

I doubt that it a issue with the workout.

Do you want to make a free ride workout and test it, to confirm that it is indeed that workout.

I would test it but I don’t have access to the workout yet.

Same issue, just did the ride today.
Using a completely different hardware/software setup. Kinetic R1 - which works flawlessly until you hit this free ride.
This is NOT a hardware issue.

What happen when you kit the free ride. Did you adjust the resistance?

Long dead thread, but I’m new to Zwift and just encountered this.

It seems the workout is just coded differently from the description of the workout as well as what the text is telling you on screen during the workout (i.e. max effort at 65 RPMs but it’s really no effort/Watts looking for 65 RPMs). I opened a ticket via chat with Zwift today but I don’t have much hope that it will make it anybody who can correct the error. I agree with others that this doesn’t seem at all related to hardware and is 100% related to how the workout was created.

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Yup just had the exact same problem doing this workout today. No resistance in free ride.
Agree likely to be a programming issue rather than hardware or software glitch.

Hi @Moritz_Huber

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Did you try to increase the resistance using the incline button on the companion app?

No I did not. Is that on a separate device?
Or do you have to log out of Zwift and into the companion app during a ride?

I assume you are using a phone for Zwift.

There’s a action bar at the bottom of the screen (swipe up) there you can see arrow buttons to increase resistance.

This is how it looks when not in a workout.

This is during a workout.

Yes I did try that during the workout but had no effect on the resistance.

Still a problem 1-25-23! To the helpful henry’s and henrietta’s, I did try to manually uptick the wattage and it does nothing (note the ERG Mode is “ON” throughout – so this feels like a real bug or gap in programing vs. what they let the workout designer create). Smallest chainring and I wasn’t much over 100 watts @65 RMP. Feels like Zwift engineering really needs to get an ASAP ticket on this pull the workout, Wasting a paying customer’s workout time is bad karma.

Also was very disappointed with this workout, I feel like I wasted my time this morning. The max effort free ride was significantly easier than the warmup/cooldown. If you are meant to manually change the resistance what is the point of all the tech? This workout needs to be fixed or removed. I am still on my free trial, was sold on Zwift until now…

A max effort should be a free ride segment where you just go as hard as you can

Right, but the program is saying to slow cadence though not increasing the resistance so one can ride with max effort. I’m sure there is something I am missing, but considering that so many others are having the same issue means it isn’t intuitive.

Still not working 4/8/23. Please fix or if no way to fix replace. I understand that sometimes things are just not designed to perform a task you want them to but I don’t understand having the dirt destroyer using a leg that is broken for 2 plus years. Fix or replace. Thank you