Direto XR-T power output vs Direto-X

Hi all,
Since I use my new Direto XR-T, I have the strong impression that my power outputs are below what I was able to perform with my previous Direto-X. My physical condition did not deteriorate, so I am wondering what is causing this difference. Any ideas? Thanks!

After warming the turbo up for 10mins+, does the “calibration” number match the sticker on the underside of both turbo to within ~5 points, using the Elite training app?

The use of “calibration” is horrid in this case, because the tool does not adjust how the turbo operates, it simply generates a number. To get a desired number close to the sticker, you have to follow the procedure to adjust the tension on the turbo belt, tighten everything back up and then run the number generator again.

What makes you say that? It calibrates the internal power sensor AND it also outputs a number so that you can see if further adjustment is required.

yes, I did the calibration with My Elite and the output matched 100% with the number on the sticker.

To me a calibration tool would analyse and correct the operation of something, Elite’s tool simply analyses and gives a number.

My understanding is the Saris turbo tool adjusts the operation of the unit when doing a spindown test.

Edit (because I don’t want to post a load of posts about this): Over time from purchasing in Dec '17, the calibration number for my Direto gradually decreased from matching the sticker to being approx 10 under (as I’d expect, the belt will naturally degrade with use and slacken under the strain).
The only time the number increased was when I added tension to the belt. Once warmed up, the calibration number during a session remained the same. Sometime around using the Zwift calibration in early '22 on my Direto, for whatever reason, the power numbers were up to ~17% higher than those generated by my 4iiii when they were extremely close in '18. I experienced some crazy 2000W readings when pedalling lightly and then the whole mechanism became like treacle, my easiest gear (34/34) was generating ~170W at ~60rpm cadence on my 4iiii.
My Direto had been hammered for just over four years and I replaced it with a bargain Saris H3.

Maybe the app has changed in the last year or operates differently with newer Elite turbos, but with my first generation Direto, the calibration tool simply gave a number after running the tool reaching the required speed and then following the instruction to stp pedalling.

What leads you to believe that it’s not doing anything? I don’t understand where you’re getting this from.

Elite’s own help article says that it “calibrates the internal sensor measuring the actual power output”.

A further example direct from Elite staff on the Elite forums (translated via Google from Italian):

It is to be considered normal that the difference between the offset value obtained and the original one grows over time. This is due to the belt adapting to the mechanics of the trainer, stretching a bit. This is not a problem, as the calibration procedure will take this into account in order to guarantee good accuracy.

OK, I know about calibration, but how come on my new Direto it seems to be harder to reach the same power outputs as on my old Direto? Was my old Direto giving higher power output values due to incorrect calibration? Any other ideas / recommendations? Thanks!

It looks like one of them is/was faulty, but it’s hard to know without a third trainer or power meter to test against. Do you know someone with a trainer you could try?

Presumably the new trainer returns a calibration figure very close to what’s on the factory sticker on the underside?

I guess I will have to simply accept it… Maybe I will put a power meter on my bike so I can check with my Garmin. Yes, the calibration figure matches 100% the factory sticker on the Direto.