Tacx Neo 2T Turbo

I have just bought a Tacx Neo 2T , they claim that it doesn’t need calibration, but I find the calibration on mine at least is inaccurate, I’m putting out more power than the trainer says I am, as an example it takes me 28 minutes to complete a TT in zwift on my direto trainer the same TT with the same effort on the Tacx Neo 2T takes 30 minutes.there should be some way of calibrating this trainer

The Neo doesn’t require calibrating whereas the Direto does and often requires the belt adjusting to remain accurate.
The Neo is also accurate to 1% as opposed to 1.5% for the Direto.

I suspect the issue isn’t with the Neo.

Are your two tests identical in every way in terms of where you applied power across the whole time? That’s the only way you can compare to the level you are looking at.


Do you have any Dual Recordings for this activities?

What is your source for this? Because I don’t think it’s true.

There’s several forum posts about the under recording of the Direto and it has a spin down calibration option.

I don’t remember ever seeing anything about the Direto belt needing adjusting unless you have a very specific problem where it stops working properly. It does not require belt adjustments.

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Belt tightening is what you need to do if your calibration returns a value (I think?) that is more than 6 different from the factory offset number that’s written on the bottom.

I can’t speak directly for the Tac Neo 2T, but based on your description of the problem, I think the workaround for the Kickr v5 (self-calibrated as well) should work for you.

I also found that from time to time the power output of the Kickr “at the beginning of a ride” used to be lower than the power meter… I think what makes matter worst is that I never ever coast while riding indoor, so the self-calibrating features take longer to kick in, and 80/90% of my rides in Zwift are workouts/ERG mode. This issue is actually more noticeable in Erg than in simulating mode, at least for me.

However, if before riding, I perform a few short accelerations, and then, I let the trainer flywheel to fully stop… (forcing the self-calibration) the power of my Kickr matches the power meter right out of the gate… whether Zwift is on or off it doesn’t matter…

Ps: I am assuming you are comparing the Neo to a quality power meter and not the direto trainer which is well known to report higher power output than actual.

I calibrate the direto regularly and I believe it’s accurate, I don’t know about belt tightening, I’ll check the numbers next time I calibrate it

It will be difficult to reach clarity about which one is correct without an additional power meter. Either could be correct or both could be wrong.

Exactly, and that’s very rare.

No I don’t have a power metre I’m comparing the 2 trainers with each other

I had to do it, probably a year or thereabouts into ownership. ymmv