Direto Elite: Lag time when connected via bluetooth

Is there a known issue with connecting Direto Elite trainer to zwift via Bluetooth?

I note that calibration through Zwift is not an option at this time  

I am experiencing significant lag time that does not occur on my other trainer (Tac X Neo)


It’s not as bad with Bluetooth as with ANT for me. It’s 4-5 secs with ANT and only a couple seconds with Bluetooth. I was just riding today and my MacBook wouldn’t connect thru Bluetooth so I used ANT. On the small hill before the S curves I felt no resistance until it suddenly hit as if it was a 10+% incline rather than a 5%: https://www.strava.com/activities/1328115917/analysis/727/765 (look at cadence)

The Direto just doesn’t work great in Zwift. I’ve given up on the ERG mode for workouts because there is too much fluctuations in resistance. 

Interested to know if you got any other feedback on this. Via my MacBook Pro I get no variation in resistance at all when connected via Bluetooth. Works fine via Ant+