Didn't save today's ride to Strava

(Lindsay) #1

Saved today’s ride as normal it saved as an activity in Zwift but didn’t upload to Strava. Still showing Strava selected on the save screen.
Running Zwift on Apple TV and haven’t had this happen before. Worked ok the day before but maybe the latest update has caused it. The save was much quicker that it normally takes

(Tim) #2

Same here.

(Jennifer) #3

Me to. My first ride after the update didn’t save to Strava or my Garmin. Same thing this evening.

(Ross Keele) #4

I also have Zwift set up for auto upload to Strava, and it failed to do so tonight. Had to manually upload. Hoping it is just a hiccup today, and will sort itself out tomorrow. Otherwise, hopefully they monitor these threads.

(Eric) #5

Same. Both Strava and Garmin. In fact the Garmin issue started about 5 days ago. I disconnected and reconnected, but see that tonight’s ride didn’t upload either.

(Lindsay) #6

Just an update. Did finally upload to Strava just took a few hours to show. Working but much slower the usual.

(Ronald) #7

Same thing stopped uploading to Strava.

(Basil Brush) #8

Same here not uploading to Strava, and takes overnight to upload to Garmin connect.

(James Bongard) #9

My ride from last night eventually uploaded to Strava but it took 3-4hrs to do so.

(David) #10

My ride took a long time to post to Strava and hasn’t posted to Garmin yet.

(Jim) #11

Me too. Windows 10 here.

(Justin) #12

I had the same issue last night but just uploaded it manually. Odd though, usually just uploads, no fuss

(Johnathan) #13

From a PC, 3/4 rides uploaded to strava this morning. I was able to pull the .fit file from the Zwift website and upload the 4th ride after the fact.
Warm-up in London- Auto upload
MGF round 1 and spin in London- Auto upload
TTR in Watopia - No auto upload - manual upload later
MGF round 2 and cool down in London- Auto upload