Didn't get teleported to the start of the race

(Konstantin Papushin) #1

Yesterday I registered for the Kiss race but a few things happened that I found unusual. First the race wasn’t shown in the list of the upcoming events when I started riding about 20 minutes before the start.

When it didn’t prompt me to go to the start line five minutes before the start time I disconnected from Zwift and reconnected but the race still wasn’t in the list. When the actual race started I wasn’t at the start line. I ended up meeting them at the ramp exit and riding with them but of course my results were not counted.

(Jason K) #2

Which event was this, and how did you sign up for it originally? Thanks!

(Konstantin Papushin) #3

It was KISS Americas PM Race (Category C) starting at 7:20 PM Central on 3/16. I used Mobile Link event screen on my iPhone 5 to sign up for the event (it was showing ‘going’ next to it). Normally, after I launch Zwift on my PC I will see it reflected in my list of upcoming events but it wasn’t this time. The whole race was missing.

(Jason K) #4

Sorry I didn’t to reply to this earlier! We’d like to get all the files from your Documents\Zwift\Logs folder so we can see if there’s any signs of what (didn’t) happen. Please open a support ticket via bit.ly/zwiftsupport, and we’ll check it out.